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Here at ToughFleets, we provide the most comprehensive services for your heavy equipment and fleet lines in the Denver area in order to keep you and your employees safe and your jobs running smoothly.

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ToughFleets Denver Equipment RepairHeavy Equipment Repair

We take great pride in helping Denver construction companies with heavy equipment repairs to keep them moving forward as they continue to grow this wonderful city in which we call home.

Your heavy equipment can certainly take a beating on the job site, which is why we’re here to help when something goes wrong. When your equipment isn’t functioning properly, don’t put off having it investigated. Give us a call! Our heavy equipment repair experts will come to you, diagnose the problem and perform needed equipment servicing and repairs on site to minimize the amount of delay time for your projects — saving you money.

You can trust our heavy equipment repair team to provide you with guaranteed results so you can get back to moving dirt in no time! We have experience with heavy equipment repairs of all types from backhoes and excavators to bulldozers, loaders, forklifts, dump trucks, trenchers, scrapers, and a whole lot more.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

In order to get the longevity you desire out of your heavy equipment, you need a team of maintenance pros you can trust to provide you with dedicated heavy equipment maintenance on a regular basis. Your equipment is a large investment, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure it stays operating at its best.

With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that we will not just meet, but exceed your expectations for equipment service every single time. Let ToughFleets take care of all your equipment maintenance and service needs.

If you have any questions about our equipment services available, or you would like to schedule an appointment for our heavy equipment services, please contact us today!

ToughFleets Denver Fleet ServicesFleet Services

No other fleet services company in the Denver area provides the level of complete and thorough assistance of ToughFleets. We value the time and work of you and your employees, which is why we do everything in our power to get you back to your full-scale operation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Mobile Fleet Management Service

With our mobile fleet services, your fleet never has to leave your lot to receive the care and protection it needs to keep performing for years to come. No more having your employees take time out of their day while on the clock to bring your vehicles to the shop and wait to have them serviced. We’re all about saving you as much time and money as possible at ToughFleets, so you can knock out projects faster and with less hassle than ever before.

Flexible Scheduling

Our fleet maintenance staff will work with you and your schedule to develop a customized program to fit your fleet’s needs. We are here to handle every aspect of your fleet maintenance needs including emergency fleet repair and maintenance as well as record keeping. Whenever you need us, we’re just a phone call away.

Flat Rate Fleet Maintenance

When you choose Toughfleets for your fleet maintenance needs, you get an upfront, custom flat-rate quote so there are no surprises. With our preventative maintenance program, you can rest assured that your fleets will continue to run smoothly and provide you with more opportunities rather than liabilities.

We take immense pride in offering the best fleet services to the people of Colorado and the Denver metro area. With our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured in our ability to fulfill all of your particular fleet services needs. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to start receiving the benefits of ToughFleets today.

Preventative Maintenance Tracking App For Fleets and Heavy Equipment

In order to provide Denver with next-level maintenance for all fleets and heavy equipment, we have implemented a maintenance tracking app so that you are never in the dark when it comes to your vehicles and equipment and their maintenance schedule. Having this data all conveniently accessible within our app allows us to provide you with even better service as we can diagnose issues before arriving at your job site and therefore fix your equipment in minimal time. Our app is available free to you when you sign up for any of our fleet services or equipment services. You can learn more about our maintenance tracking app here.

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