Our commercial vehicle and equipment preventive maintenance app gives you the ability to track and log the life and use of your equipment, as well as any issues you may find. When you sign up for our services, you can gain access to our app, which keeps us both in the loop regarding your vehicle and equipment. This will give us the chance to know what you need done to your vehicle or equipment even before we get there — and when we know in advance what your fleet needs, we can serve you better. The app allows us to diagnose the issue correctly the first time and more easily service or repair your vehicle or equipment. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to diagnose your equipment malfunctions. The process is simply less stressful for you.

With the app, you can log the mileage and amount of usage, as well as tracking walk-around inspections of your equipment and notes on needed repairs. These digital records alert us at ToughFleets so that we can work to find a solution and create a plan so that when we show up, we can fix your equipment in minimal time.

Our app allows your operators to track all of your machines with hours/miles daily so we are able to monitor usage and contact you when it’s time to schedule preventive maintenance —  one less thing for your fleet managers to worry about.

Let us make your equipment maintenance and repair easier on you. When you use the app, we come to you! Get our free app by signing up for our fleet services or equipment services today!