Fleet Management Tips to Save You Money

Fleet Management Tips to Save You Money

Running a fleet for your business can get pricey. After all, you have maintenance costs, repair costs, and replacement costs to contend with, as well as on-going costs, such as fuel. Tough Fleets offers on-site fleet and heavy equipment maintenance and repair. Below, we'll take a look at some tips to help you save money on your fleet costs. Call to speak to a team member today.

a navigation device in a semi truck

Invest in Route Planning Software

Route planning software is easy to use for drivers and can save a lot of money in fuel costs, as well as maintenance costs. Route planning software can be installed in the car or be used via an app that will tell the driver the shortest and the fastest route to a destination — and it will guide them there, too.

a driver behind the wheel of a semi truck

Invest in Driver Training

Many people drive in ways that cause them to use more fuel than is necessary. Rapid braking, fast accelerations, speeding, and turning too fast all cause the excess use of fuel. When you invest in driver training, you'll notice a decrease in these aggressive driving habits that can truly impact your bottom line.

a person on the phone looking at statistics and graphs

Invest in Telematics

Telematics is a tool that more commercial businesses that have substantial fleet costs are using. Telematics is a system that collects all sorts of data on your vehicles, such as its speed, how long it's been idling, its fuel use, low tire pressure, and more. This data can really be eye-opening for how your fleet vehicles are being used on a daily basis.

a maintenance worker fixing a semi truck

Keep Up-to-Date on Fleet Maintenance

One of the best ways to save money with your fleet is to invest in regular fleet maintenance services. This will keep your car running optimally. Small things such as replacing clogged fuel and air filters and tune-ups can really make an impact in how your fleet vehicles run — and use fuel.


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